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50% off Lahood Protection Plus Linings. Ends 30/6.

50% off Protection Plus Linings in June

The importance of insulating your windows

According to Consumer NZ a third of our energy bills go towards heating, so effective insulation is vital. With up to 45% of heat loss occurs through windows, choosing the right, properly fitted window covering is crucial. with cold outside temperatures, window panes become cold to the touch, chilling the air near them. Because cool air is denser than warm air, it sinks, pulling warmer air from other parts of the room toward the window. This creates a circulating air current that cools the entire room. Thermal curtains and blinds help stop this process by trapping the air between the window and the curtain or blind. This barrier prevents the circulating air current from forming, keeping your room warmer and more comfortable. Ensure blinds fit snugly within the window frame and that curtains flow to the floor and extend outside the width of the frame for maximum insulation.

Explore the best thermal window furnishings

Whether you prefer elegant curtains or sleek blinds, both act as thermal barriers and understanding their individual insulating benefits can help ensure the best choice for your home. Deciding between insulating curtains or blinds will depend on the space's functionality, the required thermal protection, desired look, and any space or budget constraints. Lahood’s design consultants can guide you through all these considerations to find the optimal solution for you.

Lahood Protection Plus Linings (50% off)

Backed by a 3-year Guarantee, Protection Plus linings offer 3 levels of thermal insulation and block-out capabilities and can be attached to both curtains and roman blinds. Alternatively use the linings separately behind sheers on a twin track for the flexibility of winter warmth and summer airflow. With Lahood’s extensive collection of fabrics to choose from, you can express your personal style as well as stay. The Protection Plus Range of Linings feature:
Armourguard: a triple coated Blockout lining often used in bedrooms where light control, plus insulation is important. Popular with roman blinds.
InsulPro: a single coated Thermal Lining providing heat and noise insulation and some degree of light control (less than the Armourguard). Suitable for lounges and dining areas where light control isn’t a priority and which have only single glazing on windows.
Serenity: an uncoated lining suitable for most curtains, offering protection for the curtain fabric, but less light and thermal control than the above coated options. Often used in living areas with double-glazing.
Well-fitted curtains can reduce heat loss in a room by up to around 50% especially if a quality lining is used.
With 50% off Lahood’s Protection Plus Linings throughout June, now is a great time to ensure winter warmth. Ts & Cs apply.

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Cellular Blinds -Luxaflex Duette Shades

Luxaflex Duette Shades from Lahood are perfect for a contemporary look or if space is limited. Consumer NZ tests reveal honeycomb or cellular blinds like Duettes provide up to 33% more insulation than double-glazing thanks to their innovative cellular design that traps air in pockets. Available in a range of colours and fabrics with varying block-out capabilities, these shades also offer unique configurations that allow raising from the bottom or the top for versatile light and privacy control. For those seeking the ultimate in cellular insulation, Duette Architella® Shades are the pinnacle of performance and are perfect for single-glazed windows in particular. Utilising cell-within-a-cell construction, these high-performance shades create three air pockets, achieving even greater gains in energy efficiency.

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Automation for enhanced energy efficiency

Think about automating your curtains and blinds to improve temperature control and energy efficiency. Using Smart phone apps, program them to open/close with the sun's cycle to retain heat in your rooms. Automation can be hard-wired for new builds/ renovation or retrofitted with battery operation.

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What our Customers Say


The design team at Lahood advised on fabric, colour and co-ordination. They measured everything while my apartment was still being completed & gave an accurate quote. My electronic blinds & curtains were all installed prior to me moving in. I am so happy with them & have had multiple comments on how good they look.

Lyn, Auckland

I have used Lahoods several times over the years and will keep using them. All aspects of their service, from the helpful consultant coming to my home with samples and measuring the windows etc., to the installers coming to hang the expertly made drapes or blinds, have been excellent and and I warmly recommend them.

Carol, Auckland

Friendly, professional team from the consultation to installation. My blinds and curtains not only look beautiful, but were also surprisingly very cost effective. Highly recommend

Nicole, Auckland

From start to finish, top notch service. Highly recommend. Like

Kath, Auckland

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