Cellular Shades

For the ultimate in light and insulation control

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Why choose Duette® cellular shades?

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter

If you are looking for the ultimate blind in temperature control opt for Luxaflex Duette® Shades, the premier brand of ‘honeycomb’ or ‘cellular’ shades. Their insulating properties are due to their unique honeycomb design two or more layers (3 layers for the Duette® Architella® range) of pleated, reinforced fabrics bonded together which trap the hot or cold air before it enters the home and joined at the pleats to form compartments of trapped air. Dubbed the ‘Designer alternative to double-glazing’, Duette® Shades provide the ultimate design with maximum functionality.

Heat and sound insulation

Trials with Duette® Architella® Shades showed a reduction of up to 43% in an average home’s heating costs through the ability of the cellular design to trap cold air. This design also helps reduce the transmission of noise by breaking up internal sound waves, therefore reducing the amount of sound reflection internally.

Elegance and durability

Available in a range of colours the elegant Duette® Shades fabrics are made from a very hard-wearing material called spun-bonded polyester. Choose from Blockout, Translucent and Sheer fabrics depending on the level of privacy and light required. Blockout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. Translucent fabrics allow light but ensure privacy, so good for living areas, whilst sheer fabrics allow for good visibility but still offer protection from the sun. For the ultimate in versatility, choose the Day-Night shades available with block out and light-filtering filtering fabric panels sewn into the one blind.

Unique configurations

In addition to the traditional Bottom-up blinds where you lower the blind from the top to close and raise it from the bottom to open, you can also choose the Top-down option where the shades only cover the bottom half of the window, allowing light and a view at the top, or a combination of them both.

Fit most window shapes

Duette® Shades can be fitted to almost any shaped window, including semi-circles and bays. They can be mounted inside or outside frames, and horizontally on skylights. And with a small stack height, they are perfect for ranch sliders and unobstructed views

Dust resistant for easy care and easy breathing.

Duette® Shades are made from anti-static, dust-resistant fabric that repels dirt and dust. This not only means that cleaning is easy, but you can also breathe easy with Duette® Shades. Perfect for all rooms but especially bedrooms to aid sleep and high usage areas such as kitchens and bathrooms for easy care.

Flexible operating options

The Duette Shades offer a range of operating systems from the manual cord loop and cordless LightRise rail handle to the fully automated PoweView motorised blinds.

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