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Rods or Tracks for Your Curtains? Which to Choose?

From sleek and contemporary to a touch of classic elegance, the hardware you choose for your curtains can dramatically impact their look and your entire room's décor. Rods offer a variety of styles to make a statement, while tracks provide a discreet base, letting your beautiful curtains make the impact. Our consultants will guide you through the perfect solution from our extensive range of rods and tracks to achieve the ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality.


If you want to achieve a simple, discreet look to blend in with your decor, then tracks are the way to go. Curtain tracks can be mounted directly into the ceiling or wall so a good option for tall/ wide windows, plus are versatile for curved areas. Lahood has a wide range of aluminium tracks, powder coated in a selection of contemporary colours to complement your décor. The tracks are custom-fitted to your exact requirements.

Lahood Flushfit Track

If you are building or renovating and want the ultimate in discreet, then the Lahood Flushfit Track is ideal. These tracks are recessed into the ceiling and provide the perfect ceiling to floor fit, and the illusion of ‘floating’ curtains.


If you want more of a decorative statement feature then rods can provide this with the curtains hanging below and a range of colours, materials and finials (ends) to choose from. Our selections include contemporary aluminium rods, decorative wrought iron rods and sleek square rods all with a range of finials (ends). Matching curtain hold backs are also available.

Double Tracks/Rods

Have the curtain lining on a sperate track or rod behind for versatility. Very popular with sheers, this option provides the flexibility of airflow and light in summer months and closing the curtains with a thermal lining in the winter months for heat and privacy.

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