Premium Softshades

Understated elegance

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Which Luxaflex® Softshade is right for you?

We have partnered with Luxaflex to bring you their stunning Premium Softshades Collection. The Collection harnesses leading edge technology, with uniquely designed contoured vanes and high-performance fabrics, which combine to set the mood of a room with gently diffused light, whilst still providing essential privacy without obstructing the view.

Luxaflex Silhouette® - style & privacy

Experience the perfect balance of elegance and function with Silhouette® Shadings. The signature S-shaped vanes add a touch of sophistication to any room while transforming harsh sunlight into a soft, diffused glow. Cleverly engineered, the S-shaped vanes are between two sheer fabric panels, creating an elegant appearance of floating vanes. The vanes diffuse the light into your room and can be tilted to block the outside world’s view. The unique design bounces incoming light up onto the ceiling, naturally brightening the room.

Luxaflex Pirouette® Shadings

Luxaflex® exclusive Pirouette® Shadings feature three-dimensional fabric vanes that delicately float on a single sheer backing, to filter sunlight, adjust your view, and offer privacy. With Pirouette ClearView™ Shadings, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery while maintaining privacy, thanks to the specialised sheer fabric with unparalleled view-through technology.

Luxaflex Luminette® Privacy Sheers - a sheer curtain look with control of blinds

Experience the best of both worlds with Luminette Privacy Sheers – a window covering that combines the timeless beauty of sheer curtains with the superior control of blinds. Featuring a softly curved vertical design for a striking interior statement, Luminette Privacy Sheers integrates the functionality of two blinds into one. Effortlessly rotate the fabric vanes for variable light control, angling sunlight into the room. Close the vanes completely to provide privacy and room darkening.

Luxaflex LumiShade™ - versatile elegance

For seamless indoor-outdoor living, conveniently walk through the individual fabric vanes whether they are opened or closed. A contemporary take on a classic window covering, Luxaflex® LumiShade™ offers the perfect balance between versatility and elegance. Free from noisy connecting chains and bottom weights, Luxaflex® LumiShade™ operates quietly and softly settles back into position.

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