Curtain headings

Beyond your fabric’s colour and pattern, your curtain's "heading style’ (the way it gathers at the top and attaches to the rod or track) has a big impact in shaping the room's style. A bold pinch pleat adds drama, while a sleek wave evokes modern elegance. It's the finishing touch that elevates your curtains from functional to fabulous. Explore our diverse heading options and discover which style will reflect your unique style.

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Which Pleat Style to Choose for your Curtains?

Inverted Pleat

Sleek, crisp, and contemporary, this flat heading folds fabric inwards, with the pleat at the back to provide a flat, minimalist look. Ideal in modern spaces and where wall space for stack back may be an issue as only requires fullness of approx. 1.8m/metre).

Wave Pleat

Modern and minimalist, this sleek option creates soft, cascading waves instead of defined pleats. Works well where an uninterrupted pattern desired and on lighter fabrics such as linen and good for sheers. Particularly suit modern apartments and minimalist homes with large expanses of glass such as sliding doors or floor to ceiling windows.


Simple and functional, metal eyelets are punched through the fabric allow for easy hanging on rods. Ideal for light to medium-weight fabrics and in living rather than sleeping spaces, it brings a casual, airy feel.

Single Pleat

Structured, elegant crisp look, requiring less fullness (approx. 1.8m/metre), so good if wall space beside window is restricted. Can be used on most rods and tracks and suits both modern and formal spaces.

Twin Pleat

The double pleat creates a fuller look (approx. 2.0m/ per metre). Can be used on most rods and tracks and suits character homes as well as contemporary spaces where a flowing look desired.

Triple Pleat

Lush and opulent, this style boasts three pinched pleats, and requires a fullness of approx. 2.25m/per metre. Can be used on most rods and tracks and best suited to formal and traditional settings.

Pencil Pleat

Versatile choice requiring moderate fullness (approx. 2.0m/metre) and can be used on rods or tracks. Good for shorter curtains and for light to medium-weight fabrics.

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