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Explore automated window furnishings

Simplify your life with the touch of a button, a smart phone app or your voice. In today's busy world, convenience and comfort are key. Lahood offers a cutting-edge range of motorised blinds and curtains, allowing you to effortlessly control your light, privacy, and temperature.

Adaptable for any home, automation can be hard-wired for new builds or renovation or retrofitted with battery operation for existing curtains and blinds.

Why choose automated blinds and curtains?

Effortless control and convenience

Whether you're relaxing on the couch or away from home, adjust your blinds with minimal effort. With just a touch of a button or voice command, you can easily open, close, tilt, or raise your blinds and curtains. Integrate seamlessly with your existing smart home system, enabling you to manage the window coverings plus lights, thermostat, security cameras, and more through one central hub.

Simplify your life with the touch of a button

In today's busy world, convenience and comfort are key. Luxaflex offers a cutting-edge range of motorised blinds and curtains, allowing you to effortlessly control your light, privacy, and temperature. Effortlessly adjust your window treatments using a remote control, smartphone app, or even voice commands.

Adaptable for any home

Whether you're building new, renovating, or simply want to upgrade your existing space, Luxaflex has a solution for you. Battery-operated options offer a convenient way to add automation to your current home, while hardwiring options can be integrated during construction or renovations for a seamless experience.

Energy efficiency

Schedule your blinds to adjust throughout the day to optimise natural light and temperature control, potentially reducing your energy bills, plus help protect furniture and furnishings from sun damage.

Increased privacy and security

When away from home, enjoy peace of mind by setting schedules for automatic opening and closing the curtains and blinds as though you are still there.

Child and Pet Safety

Eliminate potentially hazardous dangling cords and reduce the risk of accidents involving children and pets.

Improved accessibility

For those with limited mobility, motorised curtains and blinds offer a safe and effortless way to manage window furnishings.

Luxaflex Powerview® Automation

An innovative wireless operating system that can automatically control and power Luxaflex’s Duette®Shades and Softshade range, adding flexible scheduling functionality and operation via remote, smart device (app) and voice control (with third party integration). Powerview can be operated via hardwire or battery.

Used with the following Luxaflex Products from Lahood:

  • Duettes, Duette Architella, Luminette and Silhouettes

PowerView Control Options

1. The PowerView App on Your Device:

With The PowerView App you can use your smartphone or tablet like a remote control for individual shades or the entire home.

2. The Pebble Remote (hand-held or wall-mounted):

With the Pebble, you can organise different groupings of windows to your preferences or set a “Favourite” position for your blind. Raise, lower or traverse your blinds with the open and close button or press stop to adjust any shade to your perfect, preferred position. For an added pop of colour, the Pebble comes in a range of colours to choose from.

3. PowerView® Gateway:

Control your blinds from anywhere in the world! This feature ‘turbocharges’ the capacity of your PowerView app – allowing you to add voice control; integrate with other home automation features like lights and music; and leverage the RemoteConnect functionality, which allows you to control your shades from anywhere in the world.

4. Whole-Home Integration with Smart Home Systems:

Using the PowerView Gateway, you’re also able to integrate with a variety of third-party smart home systems for voice control, including Amazon® Alexa®, Hey Google, Apple HomeKit®, Control4™ and more.

Somfy ®

Somfy is the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent quite motors, electronic controls and home automation solutions for window coverings with over 30 years expertise. Somfy automation can be operated via hardwiring (for new builds and renovations), battery or solar operation and via a wall switch, remote control, smartphone, tablet or home automation system. The Somfy® Connexoon app enables you to control operation Smartphones, Tablets or iPad anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

  • Suitable Lahood Products for Hardwiring: Curtains, Wooden venetians, Woodmate venetians, Awnings & Exterior Blinds.

  • Suitable for Lahood Products for Hardwired or Battery: Roller blinds, Sunscreens, Roman Blinds

  • Suitable for Solar: Roller blinds & Sunscreens

  • Long-term warranty: 5 years

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