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Curtain Considerations

Selecting the perfect curtains for your windows can transform your home and reflect your personal style. In creating the desired look for your curtains, there are a few things to consider: the design, colour and texture of the fabric; the required functionality of the lining: the style of heading to finish the curtains, the type of track or rod used and how you wish to operate them.

With more than 40 years’ experience and a passion for beautiful window solutions, Lahood is here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to elegant windows.

Our Fabrics

We are passionate about fabric and have carefully sourced textiles from leading New Zealand and international design houses to bring you Auckland’s largest and most inspiring range of fabrics for custom curtains and blinds. We have curated our extensive fabric selection into four distinct ranges to cover all your needs, styles and budgets:

Lahood Metro Range

Our most popular sheers, semi-sheers and solid weaves in a palette of contemporary, neutral colours and all included in our free-curtain-making offer.

New Zealand Design House Range

Includes a wide selection of on-trend and environmentally focussed fabrics with a mix of iconic and contemporary designs, textures and colours.

International Design House Range

Boasts a wealth of richly patterned fabrics in both classic and contemporary colours and textures.

Lahood Eco-Friendly Range

A curated selection of brands with a strong focus on environmental and sustainable textile production.

Importance of Curtain Lining

Most curtains and roman blinds are hung with lining either attached to the curtain or on a second track to help block light, retain heat, reduce noise, and generally protect the curtain fabric. We offer the Protection Plus by Lahood range of linings which all come with a 3 Year Warranty. The Protection Plus Range feature:
Armourguard: a triple coated Blockout lining often used in bedrooms where light control, plus insulation is important. Popular with roman blinds.
InsulPro: a single coated Thermal Lining providing heat and noise insulation and some degree of light control (less than the Armourguard). Suitable for lounges and dining areas where light control isn’t a priority and which have only single glazing on windows.
Serenity: an uncoated lining suitable for most curtains, offering protection for the curtain fabric, but less light and thermal control than the above coated options. Often used in living areas with double-glazing.
Well-fitted curtains can reduce heat loss in a room by up to around 50% especially if a quality lining is used.

Curtain Pleat Styles

Beyond your fabric’s colour and pattern, your curtain's "heading style’ (the pleats at the top and how it attaches to the rod or track) has a big impact in shaping the overall finished look and feel. Explore our diverse heading options and discover which style will reflect your unique style.

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Rods and tracks

From sleek and contemporary to a touch of classic elegance, the hardware you choose for your curtains can dramatically impact their look and your entire room's décor. Rods offer a variety of styles to make a statement, while tracks provide a discreet base, letting your beautiful curtains make the impact.
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Automated curtains

Simplify your life with the touch of a button. Lahood offers a cutting-edge range of motorised curtains, allowing you to effortlessly control your light, privacy, and temperature. Conveniently adjust your window treatments using a remote control, smartphone app, or even voice commands.

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