Eco Collection, Zepel

This range is James Dunlop's introduction to embracing sustainable practices at Zepel and highlights innovative advancements in yarn technology. To achieve the ‘Eco’ label our designs must be composed of at least 50% recycled/organic content.

Zepel's sustainable fabrics are constructed with recycled yarn, organic cotton, and some, a combination of both to offer robust fabrics that are comforting, boast luxurious textures, and have a natural aesthetic. A selection of designs in this range also hold FibreGuard stain-free properties. Along with composition of sustainable fibres, the yarn is coated with a stain-resistant finishing process resulting in inherent strength and longevity to stains that will last for the life of the fabric.

Zepel are focused on forward-thinking sustainability through production practices and company initiatives which includes textile designs with compositions of recycled and organic content. This flip book highlights these key designs and Zepel’s Sustainability Standards.

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