August 10th, 2023

Tips on How Your Windows Can Keep you Warm

This cold wet winter weather seems to be never-ending.  Here are a few tips on how to ensure your window furnishings help keep you warm:


1. Size Matters: Choose Curtains That Fit Properly

Choose curtains that properly seal your window area to prevent the cold air escaping. Make sure they are higher and wider than your window frame and that the fabric flows right down to the floor and bunches, if possible, to ensure a good seal. Here at Lahood, we custom-make your curtains and blinds to ensure a perfect fit in your home.   

2. Insulate with Lining

Ensure your curtains and roman blinds are lined with quality insulating lining. Ask us about our Protection Plus by Lahood range of linings which all provide insulation properties plus a 3 Year Warranty. Choosing a heavier curtain/ blind fabric such as velvet also provides additional warmth.  If you also want flexibility for the summer months, a winter-proofing option for light-weight Sheers is to add thermal lining on a second track. 


3. Combine Curtains and Blinds

Get the by best of both worlds by combining curtains and blinds on the same window.  The blinds will provide an extra layer of privacy and insulation whilst the curtains can add additional warmth, colour and style.


4. Use Cellular or Honeycomb Designed Blinds

Try Luxaflex’s Duette® Shades available from Lahood. These blinds are excellent at insulating your windows, providing up to 33% more insulation than double-glazing. The cold air is trapped in the compartments formed by the two or more layers of pleated, reinforced fabrics which are bonded together and joined at the pleats.


5. Be Sun Sensible

One of the easiest ways to avoid heat loss in your home is to leave your curtains and blinds open during the day to let sunlight in and close them just before it gets dark and the temperatures drop. This can reduce heat loss by 13-14% for blinds and 15-17% for curtains.


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