June 28th, 2023

Make A Bold Statement

The winter collection of stunning fabrics from Lahood® encapsulate colour, boldness and vitality.

Lahood’s latest releases are dynamic and symbolic of adventure. These stunning decorative fabrics on display in the Lahood showroom are indicative of natures colours. Tropical, intense and vibrant designs flourishing in a world obsessed with steel, grey and concrete.

Lahood endeavours to bring life and expression to a wet and windy winter.

Our latest displays from Christian Fischbacher embody the company’s vision to bring vibrance and natural beauty to our interiors.  With their strong character, these fabrics invite us on a journey of adventure and excitement without having to pack our bags and get to the airport.

Part of this design collection is Kotori, a 100% cotton fabric, with strong elements of birds and flowers inspired by Japanese symbols of good luck and prosperity. Kotori meaning “happy little bird” features the crane, which symbolises a long and happy life and combines floral motifs such as the lotus flower, cherry blossom and pine branches.

Time and time again, Christian Fischbacher’s refreshing designs play on the extremes. Thanks to their versatility, the decorative prints and hand painted designs lend themselves to creative use. These fabrics make a bold statement in pared-down interiors, but they can also be combined with a range of vibrant colours, patterns and structures for a warm, lively interior space. Fischbacher’s bold designs are blurring the lines between fashion and interiors. Imaginative patterns are combined with flowing images of nature, while eye-popping colours are intertwined with earthy shades in complex layers of shapes, colours and images.

If you want the best advice, service, and support available for your window furnishings and home design ideas, then contact Lahood® and see what their 40 years of experience means.

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