May 2nd, 2023

Luxaflex Duette Shades

With winter on the way, Lahood® and Luxaflex® have the best and most stylish solutions to insulate your home from the cold.

Duette Shades are the premier brand of ‘honeycomb’ or ‘cellular’ shades. Their design heritage is founded on innovation for today and tomorrow, while taking care to celebrate the beauty in the details.

Duette Shades are made of two or more layers of pleated, reinforced fabrics bonded together and joined at the pleats to form compartments of trapped air. Durable, elegant and versatile, Duette Shades provide the ultimate design with maximum functionality.

With more than 40% of total heat loss from a home through uncovered windows, and around 1/3 of New Zealander’s winter energy bills attributed to heating the home, why not gain the benefits of insulated blinds in your home this winter.

With a focus on beauty and durability, Luxaflex Duettes collection offers a range of fabrics to coordinate with today’s interiors. Available in a variety of colours and textures, you have the freedom to find something that enhances your space. You can choose from blockout, translucent or sheer fabrics, depending on the level of privacy, sun protection and room darkness you desire.

And in addition to their energy efficiency properties, honeycomb shades also help to reduce everyday sound energy. Sound energy is absorbed within the cell, dulling exterior noise by up to 55%, truly the quiet achiever.

Adding automation unlocks the ability to operate your blinds via smartphone, voice control or at the press of a button. Our preferred choice is PowerView®, providing greater convenience, energy efficiencies, security and child safety. With three power options to pick from, including battery-powered via AA battery wand, long-life Lithium-Ion battery pack or simple plug-in DC transformer, Duette’s are simple to operate and maintain.

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