April 1st, 2024

Tips from The Design Chaser on Choosing Curtains & Blinds

Lahood has recently worked with leading New Zealand interior stylist, The Design Chaser, Michelle Halford on a photo shoot to visually represent our new tagline ’Elegance Materialised’. The tagline captures the journey customers embark on with the Lahood team to achieve beautiful windows. The stunning results from the photoshoot are interwoven throughout our new website. 

We took advantage of our time with Michelle to also gain some insights on what she considered important when choosing window furnishings:

1. Functionality: Tailoring Window Treatments to Suit Your Needs

When choosing window furnishings, it’s crucial to think about how you are going to use the room. For bedrooms, where light control and privacy are top considerations, I recommend blackout curtains for optimal sleep quality. Lahood’s Protection Plus Range of linings, provides three types of curtain lining with varying levels of blockout and insulation properties. Similarly, the ranges of Roller Blinds come in three types of fabrics with varying degrees of light control (block out, light filtering and sun screen).


In high-traffic areas, such as living rooms and hallways, choose durable materials that can withstand daily use without compromising on style. Polyester or acrylic blend fabrics which add durability to natural fibre fabrics such as linen are ideal for curtains, while still maintaining a beautiful, textured finish. For the ultimate in durability, consider the classic style of indoor shutters. These are available in both natural timber, and the virtually maintenance free polyresin option of Luxaflex Polysatin® shutters.

For bathrooms, prioritise mould-resistant materials to ensure easy care and longevity. While man-made fabrics such as acrylic have good mildew resistance properties, PVC or aluminum venetian blinds are a great option here, providing easy-care cleaning, moisture resistance and precision light and privacy control.

2. Aesthetics: Creating Ambience

Think about the look and feel you are wanting to create in your space—be it a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with roller blinds, or a softer, more natural and organic feel with linen curtains and sheers. Consider the overall palette when choosing colours. Do you want your curtains to make a bold statement or to seamlessly blend in, providing a textured backdrop for your interior? Lahood’s unrivalled fabric collections sourced from leading New Zealand and international designers allow you to explore a world of colours and designs to personalise your space and reflect your style.

To create a harmonious feel to your interior, think about how your window furnishings complement your wallpaperfloor coverings, cushions and upholstery.  With all of these products available from Lahood, plus a full Interior Design service, achieving a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home couldn’t be simpler.

3. Finishing Touches & the Power of Forethought 

The way in which curtains and blinds are hung can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. Curtains with double or triple pleats can create a sense of fullness and luxury, especially when paired with elegant rod and finials. My personal favourite is floor-to-ceiling curtains, hung on recessed tracks with an S-Wave pleat, which provide an effortless ‘floating’ appearance.

Flush or recessed tracks provide a discreet look for curtains and blinds but need to be considered on building or renovating plans at an early stage to allow for the necessary cavities to be included in the ceiling. Likewise with the hard wiring for motorised curtain and blind, although battery options are available for retrofitting automation.  

Experience Elegance Materialised in Your Home

Lahood's friendly team of design consultants will guide you through these and many more considerations, to ensure the perfect window solution for your home.

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